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Genius, Malang. Small and medium enterprises often go in debt sooner than expected often as a result of overspending on costly, wide scale marketing campaigns. What most people don't realize is that a business can make an impact in the market without anybody breaking the bank. Of course, it isn't easy. You need an effective, practical and efficiently executed plan to reach out to parospective and returning customers.

Try these 5 tips provided by Ivan Konovalov, the leading expert from Semalt, and your marketing will be successful even through a small budget.

1. Keep your eyes on the prize

How do you maximize your marketing resources? Well, it's simple. Start by doing a research which defines the demographics of your target market. Figure out their interest and what they need then satisfy that need. Once this is taken care of, draw the clients to your brand via a simple social media campaign. Set up a profile page on all the major social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, plus video channels on YouTube and Vimeo. Use these platforms to post engaging content which your audience will find compelled to share. Use your posts to promote new products, request feedback and generate a buzz.

If you're limited in time, then you should outsource these services from Craiglist or Fiverr. It's inexpensive and works just fine as long as you issue clear instructions on what needs to be done and when it should be done.

2. Create fresh, unique content

Carrying on from above, remember that when you post content, it should be fresh. These blog posts, videos, and images assert your authority as a key industry player and customers love doing business with pros. Search engine algorithms also rank websites with unique and appealing content on the first page of a search result.

To further boost your marketing campaign, ensure that other than good content, you also offer newsletters with discounts, how-to guides, gift buying guides for your products, offers and coupons. You'd be surprised by how your sales will project upwards.

3. Network online and offline

Believe it or not, networking offers the opportunity for people to spread the word about your brand. To capitalize on this, ensure that your business has representation on LinkedIn, Yelp, Angie's List, Google Maps, the Yellow Pages and Google Hangouts. Offer webinars, join forums like Quora, guest blogs, organize an event and people will hear and talk about your brand.

4. Take advantage of freebies

The web has many free tools you can use to your advantage. Use meta tags to help search bots navigate your website then place share buttons for all your content. MorgueFile, Pexels, and StockVault offer free stock images and graphics. Did you know that you can even get customized QR codes for your clients? Cool, right?

5. Offer exemplary customer service

The customer is king. As such, you should offer nothing but the best service. If they love doing business with you, they'd definitely come back, and they'll tag someone along. It won't hurt to call back clients for a follow-up or create a reward system for loyal customers.

These simple and inexpensive tactics can be a game-changer for you. Use them.

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